Committed to people... and the Sea!
When it comes to safety and environmental protection, Groupe Desgagnés means business - and its policies and R&D activities prove it. Training for shipboard and administrative staff, heavy investment in technology, the formation of specialized response teams - these are just a few examples of how Groupe Desgagnés remains true to its good name.

February 7, 2013 - The ship M / V Camilla Desgagnés is the first ship to have been awarded the honor of ICI ON RECYCLE! (Here we recycle in French), Certificate of Performance Level 3, Grade Silver. This is an official recognition of the Québec government established by RECYC-QUÉBEC to recognize the outstanding efforts of industries, commercial and institutions (ICI) that have implemented at their facilities, measures for the responsible management their waste.
Groupe Desgagnés is recognized for its expertise in transporting petroleum and chemical products while protecting people and goods, as well as the environment
International Security Code (ISPS)
All our vessels are compliant with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) and have all been certified by Transport Canada. The purpose of the ISPS code is to establish a standard international framework for the marine and port sectors in order to prevent, detect and react to threats in the matter of security (stowaways, drug trafficking, terrorism, etc.). Our staff is trained and ready to react to any situations.
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