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By professionals, for professionals
Groupe Desgagnés knows and appreciates how vitally important maintenance is, not just to its clients, but also in terms of safety and environmental protection. That's why it entrusts the maintenance of its fleet to its subsidiary Services Maritimes Desgagnés.

Passenger ships, double-hulled tankers, cargo vessels, Ro/Lo - no Groupe Desgagnés vessel leaves port before our highly qualified specialists have gone over it with a fine-toothed comb. From the pilot house to the propellers, from bow to stern - no inspection aspect escapes the watchful eye of the maintenance team.
In berth, aground, or at sea... Specialists able to handle any possible need
  • Structure, hull, steelwork
  • Mechanical system, boilerwork, pipework
  • Electrical system, automatic controls
  • And much more!
Ship repair
Speed + know-how = results!
Whether in berth, aground (at low tide), or at sea, each vessel receives the careful attention of the Services Maritimes Desgagnés experts, who meet the toughest requirements with utmost speed and efficiency.

When a vessel suffers a structural, mechanical, boilerwork, or any other kind of problem, the response team is ready to spring into action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Refloating operations
International renown!
In 1991, the M/T Rio Orinoco ran aground off Anticosti island carrying 9,000 tons of asphalt blocks in its cargo hold. After numerous refloating attempts by Europeans and North Americans, it took the experts at Services Maritimes Desgagnés to successfully refloat the vessel.
Refloating of M/T Rio Orinoco
In 1999, the M/V Alcor ran aground off the Island of Orleans with 24,000 tons of clinker onboard. Once again, the Services Maritimes Desgagnés team was called upon for refloating. And once again, it earned recognition for its strategy and know-how.

Refloating of M/V Alcor
Need more information on our services, rates, or terms?
Services Maritimes Desgagnés representatives are on hand to answer your questions and offer the guidance you need.
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