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Thanks to its long term business vision, Groupe Desgagnés is one of the busiest North American carriers conducting merchant marine and other specialized operations.
Desgagnés Transarctik provides shipping services to the Eastern Canadian Arctic.
Navigation Desgagnés markets and charters cargo vessels for shipping general and dry bulk goods.
Petro-Nav markets and charters vessels for shipping bulk liquid cargo (petroleum products and chemicals).
Relais Nordik is a shipping service that carries people and goods in the Middle and Lower North Shore regions.
Services Maritimes Desgagnés specializes in ship maintenance and repair.
Tessier ltée specializes in land operations, including stowage, cranage, heavy machinery operation, intermodal transshipment, and road transportation.
Transport Desgagnés equips and operates cargo vessels and tankers.
Boréal Grue

Boreal Cranes

Boreal Cranes A company located in Labrador that offers a turnkey management services specialized mainly in lifting, handling and crane rental operations.
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