Health and Safety
Depending on the season, Groupe Desgagnés employs 450 to 800 persons. Its comprehensive health and safety policy covers land equipment operation, heavy equipment handling, the rules of navigation, and more. Preventing accidents and loss of life is a constant concern of Groupe Desgagnés.
Groupe Desgagnés belongs to a union-employer sectoral roundtable on maritime industry workforce training
Prevention and training first
Here is a look at the training activities that have a direct impact on the health and safety of Groupe Desgagnés' shipboard and administrative staff members:

  • Regular simulation exercises on navigation, safety, human resource management, bridge resource management, engine room operation, petroleum product and chemical transportation and handling
  • IT development and staff training on the best navigation and maritime management practices
  • Labor relations, management, finance, accounting, and technology seminars for administrative staff
  • Training on new communication technologies (geostationary and low-altitude satellites)
  • Implementation of the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) and staff training on this system accredited by the International Maritime Organization
  • Ongoing staff training on the cutting edge technological equipment aboard the company's vessels
For the safety of all, Groupe Desgagnés has a Policy Aiming at Ensuring Safe Maritime Transport and at Eliminating the Risks Associated with Impaired Faculties Following the Consumption of Substances
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