Environmental Protection
The waterways our vessels take are sometimes risky! The icy Arctic Ocean, the untamed waves of the Great Lakes, the sandbanks of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, mixed or hazardous cargo, and nearly impossible berthing are some of the dangers that require advanced know-how and flawlessly maintained equipment.

Protecting crewmembers and maintaining an unspoiled natural environment are the starting point for all daily crew activities.

This approach helps protect our rich environment while making everyone more aware of the importance of preserving nature.
Honors and commitments
  • Signatory of the Code of Ethics for St. Lawrence Users (focused on sustainable development)
  • Recipient of AMVER Award from the U.S. Coast Guard for the company's outstanding contribution to international maritime safety
  • Recipient of Qualship 21 Certificate from the U.S. Coast Guard in recognition of the high quality of the company's four vessels that travel most often to the United States
  • Voluntary speed reduction measure to prevent shore erosion in the Sorel islands
  • Partner of Environment Canada and Institut Maurice Lamontagne in a research project on water salinity, climatic data exchange, recommended navigation routes, ice conditions, vessel calibration based on environmental variables, and more
  • The ship M / V Camilla Desgagn├ęs has been awarded the honor of ICI ON RECYCLE! (Here we recycle in French), Certificate of Performance Level 3, Grade Silver.
Safety & quality assurance policy and strict followup mechanisms
  • Development of a policy and management procedures to increase safety at sea and prevent loss of life and damage to the marine environment
  • Implementation of the ISM (International Safety Management) Code for vessel operating safety and pollution prevention
  • Training of an emergency response team that conducts regular exercises on crisis, emergency, and spill readiness
  • Availability of specialized staff and cleaning equipment in the event of a spill
A fleet and crews that are up to the challenge
  • A skilled, professional staff thanks to a professional development policy drawing on highly sophisticated maritime transport and land operation technologies
  • Double-hulled tankers with ballasts separate from the cargo tanks and a wastewater filtration system
  • When necessary, vessels are rated 1A for navigation through ice
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