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Navigation Desgagnés, a subsidiary of Groupe Desgagnés, markets and charters cargo vessels for shipping general and dry bulk goods and meets the special needs of heavy industry, the mining and manufacturing industries, and grain producers. Navigation Desgagnés charters vessels that provide service in the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes Seaway, in the Maritime provinces, along the U.S. eastern seaboard, and internationally.

Unmatched expertise

With their many years of experience, its managers are valuable maritime transport consultants. They offer special expertise on shipping cargo including heavy lift, goods for special projects, and bulk dry goods. Navigation Desgagnés ensures constant tracking of your cargo and unparalleled customer service.
Maritime safety for marketing and charter services
For Navigation Desgagnés, maritime safety and environmental protection come first. Onboard the vessels it charters are highly qualified mariners concerned with protecting the environment.
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