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Services Maritimes Desgagnés is a subsidiary of Groupe Desgagnés specializing in ship maintenance, repair, and refloating.

Highly qualified technicians and welders, specially trained engineers, tools for handling any situation, an internationally renowned response team - we're a reassuring presence for shipowners and charterers sailing in Canadian and international waters.
A worldwide reputation in refloating
  • 1991 - Refloating of the M/T Rio Orinoco grounded off Anticosti Island, Quebec

  • 1999 - Refloating of the M/V Alcor, grounded off the Island of Orleans, Quebec
Maintenance, repair, and emergency service
Whether to refloat a ship, perform maintenance work or make emergency repairs, Services Maritimes Desgagnés offers a complete range of services in berth, aground (at low tide) or at sea.
Repairing ships in berth, aground or at sea with expert skill!
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