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Transport Desgagnés, a subsidiary of Groupe Desgagnés, is active on the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes Seaway, in the Eastern Canadian Arctic, in the Maritime provinces, on the U.S. eastern seaboard, and on all the world's oceans, where its expertise is recognized by prestigious clients with precious cargo!
Safety, discipline, and tradition
  • Ship management
  • Cargo vessel operation
  • Tanker operation
Transport Desgagnés is a company rooted in experience, one with time-tested knowledge of ships and navigation and know-how stretching back to the late 19th century.

Transport Desgagnés specializes in the operation of vessels carrying bulk liquid and bulk dry cargo, as well as general cargo and chemical products. It travels between Canada and major North American ports with a degree of safety that earns the trust and admiration of its clients.
Quick facts
  • Fleet of 18 vessels including one Ro-Lo and one Sto-Ro-Lo
  • Deadweight tonnage ranging from 1,350 to 17,850
  • Average annual volume shipped: 3.5 million tons
  • Types of cargo: general, bulk liquid, and bulk dry goods, heavy lift, goods for special projects, chemicals
  • Destinations: Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Maritime provinces, U.S. eastern seaboard, Eastern Canadian Arctic, major international ports
Environmental protection
A tough policy and the means to enforce it!
Transport Desgagnés has established a quality assurance and safety system compliant with ISM (International Safety Management) Code standards. This system calls on management procedures that increase safety at sea and prevent loss of life and environmental damage.

February 7, 2013 - The ship M / V Camilla Desgagnés is the first ship to have been awarded the honor of ICI ON RECYCLE! (Here we recycle in French), Certificate of Performance Level 3, Grade Silver. This is an official recognition of the Québec government established by RECYC-QUÉBEC to recognize the outstanding efforts of industries, commercial and institutions (ICI) that have implemented at their facilities, measures for the responsible management their waste.
Best management practices in action
By implementing Eureka shipping software, Transport Desgagnés sets itself apart while setting the tone!
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