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Our Vision: Be a Winner
Desgagnés' entire history has been marked by sustained, carefully orchestrated efforts that have helped ensure its growth and maintain its position as a shipping industry leader.

Purchasing vessels, creating subsidiaries, forming partnerships - this strategy of diversification and combining strengths has helped keep us growing.

Has it been our forward vision, our clear-sightedness, our infusion of capital and know-how? It's been all of this and more, including less tangible but still essential touches, such as paying constant attention to detail, striving for excellence, and being passionate about what we do.
"We believe that Desgagnés has achieved success in the highly complex shipping industry thanks to its perseverance and determination in the reach of excellence."

Louis-Marie Beaulieu, FCPA, FCA, C. Dir
Chairman of the Board and CEO
Our Strategy: Stay the Course While Striving for Improvement
"Looking objectively at our past, our heritage, and our roots, we become aware of what we are and confident in what we want to become. We believe in the future!" (Louis-Marie Beaulieu FCPA, FCA, C. Dir)
To Strive for Improvement and Remain a Winner Means...
  • Believing in the TOTAL QUALITY of everything we do, both collectively and individually
  • Putting PEOPLE first and aiming to be a top employer by fostering a sense of belonging and pride in the firm and its values, and by acknowledging skill, talent, and effort
  • Being the best provider of first rate services, showing DEDICATION TO OUR CLIENTS, and bringing a high level of professional skill, state-of-the-art equipment, and added value to each project
  • Having THE HIGHEST STANDARDS of safety and environmental protection, work quality, and management process integrity
  • Being involved in THE COMMUNITY and respecting people and the environment
A three-part strategy intimately tied to success
To succeed in the extremely complex and highly competitive shipping industry, Desgagnés has adopted a three-part strategy consisting of
  • Controlled growth (through in-house projects, new markets, and acquisitions)
  • Non-vulnerability (through the diversification of markets and business niches)
  • Profitability (by implementing effective controls, allocating available resources to the right places, applying new technologies, and motivating personnel)
Special areas of expertise
  • Unloading without docks
    It's impossible to describe to the layperson the utter complexity of sailing the Arctic Ocean and unloading cargo on shore! Thick ice, harsh climatic conditions, and the absence of port facilities are some of the human and technological obstacles encountered. Perseverance, determination, innovation, and investment make Desgagnés, through its subsidiary Desgagnés Transarctik, one of the rare carriers that provides regular service in complete safety to these remote corners of the earth!
  • Refloating vessels in distress
    The M/T Rio Orinoco,which ran aground off Anticosti Island in 1991, and the M/V Alcor, which suffered the same fate off the Island of Orleans in 1999, are two examples of the refloating operations that have built Desgagnés' worldwide reputation.
  • Performing special missions
    With its proven expertise in shipping oversized and hazardous cargo, exceptional environmental and safety standards, and fleet of specialized vessels, Desgagnés is a valued partner of industries that must ship special cargo - including dynamite, drilling equipment, building materials, chemicals, oil products, military supplies, and more - to hard-to-reach places.
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